Bumblebee is our latest buzz in town!

It is a mobile community centre that brings resources and programmes into different urban low-cost communities in the Klang Valley, to facilitate community development.

Yellow 1-Tonne Truck

Stocked with books, toys and game sets, this yellow 1-tonne truck goes into low-cost housing areas where setting up a stationary resource centre may not be feasible. Like the 4 permanent community-based resource centres that we have set-up with our partners, Bumblebees aims to transform communities by providing ‘space’ for relationship-building, life-enriching lessons and encouraging collaborations among peers and fellow community members. According to the needs and capacity of our local partners, it can morph into other services besides being a resource centre e.g. a mobile clinic.
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Think you can lend a hand – volunteer, partner with us to set-up a centre or bring Bumblebee into a new community?

For enquiries, please contact SC Leong at Tel: 03-9212 0162 or email: [email protected]