Networking isn’t just a buzzword to grow your social circle.  

It is a powerful channel that brings together the ‘power suits’ and ‘high flyers’ to the needy as we partner with various corporations towards building a just society.

How We Do It

Common Goals of Both Parties

In every Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partnership, we aim to find common goals of both parties which can be achieved without compromising the core values of either party. These common goals and shared programmes are usually clarified in an MoU before the start of any formal partnership. We recognise the importance of transparency and accountability. Reports detailing expenses and outcomes are common practice and our accounts are audited by both internal and external auditors.

Visits to be sites of our works can also be arranged.

All donations to Malaysian CARE are tax-exempted.

To explore CSR partnership opportunities, please contact Alvin at 03-92120162 ext 108.