The Revd Peter John Young

As the founding Executive Director of Malaysian Care, Peter Young holds a unique place in the history of this organisation. Yet, not only in this organisation but through his advocacy and pioneering work, he nurtured the involvement of the Church in Malaysia with the poor and needy.

He rallied Malaysian Christians to serve those whom society had cast aside or exploited because they were weak, poor, disabled or had made wrong choices. While many see these things happen around them, few would do anything to change the situation. Awareness if not acted upon leads to apathy. Peter Young was not the type of person to contemplate such an option because what compelled him to act were his faith and his love for people. In his lifetime, he served and spoke for the downtrodden without any rewards or awards. In so doing, Peter showed us what is the essence of true sacrificial human love.

In this book, Tan Jin Huat’s account of Peter Young’s life serves as an inspiration for others to follow the path less taken. I pray that more will do so for then we can look forward to a better society in this nation.

Wong Young Soon
(Executive Director Malaysian Care)

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