Creating awareness of the needs of the community around you.


Great!  You’ve taken the first step of creating awareness of the needs of the community around you. Following that, we are committed to assist churches and youth groups to develop a strong biblical understanding of mission, social justice and the specific ministries we are involved in by sharing our knowledge, experience and expertise. We also seek to raise awareness on issues affecting the poor and needy, among both Christians and non-Christians.

Interested to know about mission/social concern ministry in general or any of the following areas?

  • Community Development
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Financial Literacy
  • Designer Drugs, Substance Abuse
  • Juvenile & Crime
  • Gender Identity Security/Disorder
  • Economic Development for Rural/Urban poor
  • Orang Asli in Peninsular Malaysia
  • Prison Ministry
  • Disability, Learning Difficulties
  • Behaviour Management, Visual Strategies
  • Advocacy
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